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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Just Like The Boy On 'Home Alone'

Man, for the first time since Thanksgiving I am home alone. Mr TSB went back to work, parents are back in NC, friends and family is back doing what they do best...so here I sit. *crickets chirping*

Molli (my furry baby) has barked every 5 seconds at EVERY. LITTLE. NOISE. I swear to you she barks at birds flapping their wings, the grass growing, or dust settling! It can, and is, very annoying..but I heart her anyway!

I have been sitting around thinking today, since it's so hard for me to do when the house is full of chaos. I need ya'lls opinion on something. Here goes...

Back in 1995 or 1996 (can't remember) I got married. It only lasted a year and a half and we seperated on Christmas Eve and finally divorced the following May. May 16th to be exact..man, what a glorious day that was. (And NOT because that was the day he decided to marry my best friend) I was glad to be away from him. He was very abusive and I spent most of our married time in hospitals with accidents (Thinking back they must have thought I was a lush or something, or maybe they knew and just couldn't say anything until I admitted to it) Anyhoo, getting off subject and I can tell ya'll are getting bored.

In August 2001, I met Mr. TSB and we got married in Decemeber 2001. So, after being married 4 years is it wrong that he knows NOTHING about my ex husband? I mean he knows I was married before, but doesn't know his name, where he lives, how long we were married, how long we dated...nothing.

I have been out and about in NC with Mr. TSB and I have seen my exhusband and/or ex in-laws and I never said anything to Mr. TSB. I prefer to keep that past in the past. Mr. never asks questions and I feel he is very content without knowing, but I feel I am being secretive. Am I? It's not a secret if he doesn't ask, right?

See what happens when I am home alone?? Oh and BTW, the radio has been turning off and on all day by itself....damn alien ghost! Man, I can't wait for Mr. TSB to be home!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 5:13 PM

Blogger debby had this to say:

Some people are okay leaving the past in the past. Sounds like he trusts you and your relationship completely. I say good for him!

7:49 PM 

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