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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
They Think I'm Nuts....

Let me start off by saying I am the type of person I don't believe in something unless you can prove it. Ask my husband what he hears me say the most, the answer will be.."Oh yeah? Prove it!"

But, for once in my life I believe in something so much that it is very frustrating that NOBODY believes me! GGRRR!!

Ready for this? My. House. Is. Haunted.

Gasping right? Thinking I'm nuts right? Wrong! I am convinced!

In all of my windows in the house I have those battery operated candles, here in Aiken a lot of people keep them in their windows year around, it means welcome. Of course I don't welcome everyone to the house, but I do think it's pretty. Anyhoo...in my window in the bathroom there is a candle. It is a huge window that is about the jacuzzi and to get to the window you would have to step INTO the jacuzzi to reach the candle. One night I went to the bathroom and was brushing my teeth and I always feel someone is watching me (very weird feeling) so I was looking around and noticed the light bulb in the candle was sitting BESIDE the candlestick. I thought to myself, why in the hell would Mr. TSB do that..because let's face it..I wouldn't do it and nobody else is here.

So, once he came to bed I asked him why he would do that and he said he didn't. Well, someone had to! My puppy, Molli, sees things we never see. She will start growling at NOTHING and is normally looking at something that isn't there.

For months I have been trying to convince Mr. TSB that there are ghost here, and have been trying to convince my family..but they think I'm nuts! But, they will sit back and say strange things happen around here. My mom hears bells jingling, so she sleeps with the tv on now (lol) and I keep catching Mr.TSB checking the candles in the windows. But my dad? He's not budging. He says I'm crazy and it's my imagination. My imagination doesn't unscrew light bulbs and lays them beside the candlestick. Nope..no way, jose...my imagination is about as lazy as I am.

My dad believe in aliens, which I don't..but hey maybe I can convince him of an alien ghost? Now there's a thought!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 11:40 PM

Blogger Sabrina had this to say:

I'd be freaked out too and gettin the heck out of there, especially if the dog is reacting to things. Eek!

1:58 PM 

Blogger K had this to say:


~Katie Lynn

4:14 PM 

Blogger debby had this to say:

I do believe in spooks.
I do believe in spooks.
I do believe in spooks.

Don't have to prove anything to me!

9:11 PM 

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