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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Lions And Tigers And Carnies...Oh My!

This past weekend was very busy! Since it has gotten cooler here, we decided to go to the zoo and the fair! It was a little rough with the babies, but we all survived!

My birthday is coming up (28th) and I am dreading hitting the big 3-0. I haven't been looking forward to it at all! I'm not sure what we will be doing for my birthday..I'm hoping it will be short and simple.

Halloween is coming. I hate Halloween, never liked it as a child either. I love the fall and winter but dressing up and begging for candy isn't my thing. I always said "when I have children we won't be celebrating Halloween", with that being said, the costumes have been picked out and I am still looking for the twins costumes. We are going to go trick-or-treating and I am going to enjoy myself.

Around here as soon as Halloween is over we normally decorate for Christmas. I L.O.V.E. Christmas! I love the cooler weather and the spirit of Christmas. I am debating on if I should decorate so soon with the little ones...will they get bored with it before Christmas actually gets here? How many of my collectible ornaments will get broken? or should I just go out and buy new decorations? I guess we have some decisions to make.

Here are my girls...I never thought I could love another human being as much as I love these girls...

I will leave you with one final question...Why are the keys on my keyboard so STICKY?!?!?! I guess sometimes it's best not knowing....

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 11:22 PM

Blogger Alison ~ Email me ~ ajvivona@verizon.net had this to say:

It is surely best to know why the keys are sticky! LOL. I just wanted to say your girls are adorable. As an adoptive mom of a little boy there is no greater joy. Good luck

9:52 AM 

Blogger feydargonet had this to say:

Oh hunny, your girls are precious!!!! I wouldn't decorate as soon as Haloween is over. Decorate for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. I as an adult would get bored with it that long, I could only imaigine how the little ones would be, since things see so much longer to them. Also, if I remember right from last year, you had a tree in almost every room. Put your really special ornaments on one of the trees that are in a room that they can't go in by themselves, ie your bedroom or office. If not put them closer to the middle/top of the tree and explain to the girls that they are very specail (expensive, rare, ect) and that they need to be very careful with them, or they could break, and that if they don't break, when they are older you can give them to them, and when they have girls they can give them to their girls. . . HTH Happy Holidays!

10:06 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:


Your girls are soooo adoreable!!!!! About the keyboard keys being sticky like you said i suppose its best not to know, lol. Also like Fey said i wouldn't decorate right away for christmas as children see things much longer than us and might very well get bored easily with it. Decorate in stages, Halloween, then thanksgiving, then Christmas. I just mainly wanted to say though how ADOREABLE your girls are...Your very lucky to have such beautiful children. Happy Holidays Jenn!

-Jessica aka Star_wolf84

12:01 PM 

Blogger debby had this to say:

I think that sticky is synonamous with motherhood... you better get used to it!

1:49 PM 

Blogger Laura had this to say:

youre girls are all gorgeous!!!!

good luck with the "sticky" - its just the beginning!

3:49 PM 

Blogger Moon had this to say:

i met to say happy birthday to you, and forgot. sorry. Happy belated birthday fellow 3-0-er.

11:01 PM 

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