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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Whew..What A Week!

Last week was LittleBits first week of school. Everyday I was told she was in time-out but on Friday wanna guess what happened? The TEACHER walked her to the CAR! I was told she won't sit down, she talks out of turn, she has tantrums when put in time-out and refuses to do work.

So all weekend we practiced being good. So basically the weekend sucked ass.

In fact right this moment she is in her room. Her plane was moved today (its a discipline thing in her class) and she can't tell me why. Well, we can't talk about what she did wrong until we know what it was. So, another sucky ass day sitting inside. Bleh!

Tonight we have open house at school and then having someone coming over to talk to me and see the baby at 8. We stay busy around here. All. The. Time.

Between all the kid stuff and chaos I am still keeping up with Big Brother. God I love that show.

Right now if none of this makes sense just know I have a 5 year old screaming like a banshee and a baby crying and Im rocking his seat with my foot..and praying for Mr. to come home soon.

On a funny note. Ya know when you change a baby boys diaper you should guard yourself? Well, I knew about it and being the mean wife I am I never told Mr. Well over the weekend he finally learned, it went all over his shirt and over his shoulder. Yep, Im still laughing about it.

And Moon? I received the tag..will post the meme tonight...Promise!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 4:04 PM

Blogger Moon had this to say:

Stay encouraged! I could write a book about all the frustrating things my daughter has done (and I was sure she knew better!!)...and that's just from last week. :)

8:15 PM 

Blogger Laura had this to say:

yep, you need to duck that and shield at the same time.....


8:58 PM 

Anonymous i_am_rewired had this to say:

I was told that I had great aim and my dad never did learn. Even with 4 boys.

5:00 AM 

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