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Thursday, August 17, 2006
He's Free!

Today SnuggleBug went for a follow-up appointment about his oxygen and monitor. The Dr. said that the only time he needs to wear the oxygen is at night! Yayy!! So now he doesnt have to have the cords and tape all over his face....I swear I heard him say...hot damn. Since he was born on March 7th (25 weeks) and wasnt due until late June they count him as a 2 month old. The Dr. today said he is doing awesome! See? I knew my children would be brilliant. We go again in 2 weeks and hopefully he will be off the oxygen forever. The apnea monitor he will be on it for awhile..but thats okay...rather be safe than sorry.

LittleBit enjoyed the first day of school. She gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot. I am so proud of her..although on the first day of school she was put in time out for pushing a boy off of a playground toy. In her defense she said "Well you said I shouldn't hit people" See? Another brilliant child! Ha!

Mr. is adjusting to all this. It's rather funny to see him come home from working and it's total chaos. Back in the day he would come home, we would sit down and talk, eat a nice dinner and watch tv. Now? he comes in to a 5 year old screaming "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" to the top of her lungs which scares the holy sugar out of the baby and then he starts crying, then the dogs start barking...aahhhh chaos is a beautiful thing.

I have been asked alot recently how I love parenthood. I am asked with a smirk on their face as if I am going to break down in tears and tell them how challenging and how tired I am. Well, I love it! LOVE. IT. It can be challenging at times, but who doesn't love a challenge? And most of the time I am exhausted, especially now since I have two. But for all of the late nights I am up, early mornings I am awake, through all the tantrums, bottle feeding, cleaning, laundry, etc...my heart still overflows with the love I have for these two kids..and how appreciated I am from getting emails from some of the readers (you know who you are) just asking me how I'm doing, it's like you know when I need a pick-me-up. Thanks for everything.

Have ya noticed now since Im a mom..Im not so bitchy? Ha!

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Blogger feydargonet had this to say:

I know how excited you are about your son getting off his oxygen, and I am so happy for you, and him. My son was just born 2 months preemie, and every little thing that gets taken away is nothing short of a mircale, and celebration!
Glad to hear LittleBit likes school, and I LOVE that she didn't hit, but pushed the boy, that is too darn funny! Eat it up, they grow up fast!
Isn't it funny how we avoid chaos all our lifes, dread it when it looks like it's ugly head will come around the corner, but when it's dealing with children, it just makes the love and admoration that much greater, and it seems almost FUN?
When my son was born he was in the NICU and I was supposed to get up in the middle of the night to pump breast milk and I just couldn't do it, I felt like I'd be a horrid mother, not being able to get up to feed my child. Now when I hear the alarm clock I smile. Yes, I am dead dog tired (he has a PDA and has a very strick feeding schedual of every 3hrs and he eats a little slow so I get no more than 2 hrs of sleep at a time) but I know that is time I get to sit and bond with my son (even if we're both half asleep!). I am so glad you have your wonderful children Jen, I know how great motherhood is, and how greatly it enriches our lifes, and you def. deserve it!

9:40 AM 

Blogger debby had this to say:

Like you, I savored (and still do 23 years later) every second of being a Mom. Enjoy every second - time passes much too fast . (Okay, going to go have a good cry now..)

6:25 PM 

Blogger Moon had this to say:

Congrats, Jenn. You sound like you're doing well. I don't know how you do it, getting a 5-year-old and suddenly a newborn. At least most of us got 9 months to prepare!
And also, sorry, but I've tagged you. Just take a minute (if you can find one) and post.

11:23 PM 

Blogger Laura had this to say:

Im glad you are loving this....you guys deserve all the happiness in the world!!!

Bug hugs!

1:55 PM 

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