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Saturday, April 01, 2006
We're So Boring...

...even our arguments are boring. Want to know our most recent arguement? Sure you do, why else would you be here, right? Nothing else is happening.

Setting: Mr and I sitting on the couch watching the shows my TiVo graciously recorded. Nashville Stars comes on and is showing the judges, one is a wrestler (have NO idea who he is)

Me: I have no idea who he is..but his arms? Rock! Get it? Rock? as in Rock hard?

Mr: hhmmpphh..

Me: Well, they are. Anyway, you know who I used to think was hot when I actually admitted to watching wrestling?

Mr: Andre the Giant?

Me: Who?

Mr: Nobody...who did you think was hot?

Me: The blonde guy off the Rock N Roll Express. Member them?

Mr: Yeah, Shawn Michaels was the blonde guy.

Me: You're nuts! His name was Ricky. I know this!

Mr: No, I remember him being in the R n R express...why do you always say I'm wrong.

Me: Mostly because I am always right!

Mr: This time you are TOTALLY wrong, princess.

Me: (while still thinking he is TOTALLY wrong) Well, alright, who did you think was hot? Ric Flair?

Mr: Funny. No. Chyna, she kinda reminded me of Xena...that bad bitchy attitude is hot.

Me: Is that what attracted you to me?

Mr: Nah, you're not bad.

Me: pondering that comment...We'll I'm going to the office.

Mr: What for? You're not mad are ya?

Me: Nope, just going to email Xena and Mary Poppins and hook you 3 up.

Mr: hhmmppphh..

Now, I am the type that if I know I am right, I will bust hell wide open to prove that I am. And I will show you the same proof I showed him...and prove that I am the ALL-KNOWING-PRINCESS.

Meet the
Rock And Roll Express...Oh and it also proves I had no taste in guys when I was 10!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 2:23 PM

Anonymous Tasha had this to say:

lmao... when i clicked on the site... this is where it made me go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock

Is this right?

Mr. is too funny

5:24 PM 

Anonymous Miss TSB had this to say:

No, it's not right, I messed up the link. Let's keep it between us, alright? LOL

5:29 PM 

Blogger Laura had this to say:

lol....most arguments turn out to be about the dumbest things! Me and Deb are like that!

3:59 PM 

Anonymous Kellie had this to say:

OMG girl you crack me up!!! Always get a laugh comin in here. . did you ever reveal your "secret". . the suspense - i tell ya

7:24 PM 

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