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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Pass The Happy Pills Please...

For almost 2 weeks now I have been dealing with alot of stress. Stress from family, stress from friends and stress from Mr. We are in the process of changing some things around in our lives and some people doesn't know when to keep their $.02 to theirselves. And then others? When asked, refuses to give their $.02 worth. Go figure.

I haven't been able to sleep, eat or even think straight. I am more stressed than I have ever been. I am a total bitch, to everyone. That's how I deal with stress, I turn my bitch mode on. Sadly, Mr. is the only one that is around so he's catching the brunt of it, bless his heart. He's dealing with it okay and sometimes how he doesn't just fall into a fetal position and cry his eyes out over my bitchiness, is beyond me. Man, he loves me unconditionally.

Although, he's no saint. I have an appointment somewhere Monday and he needs to go with me, so I told him to leave early tomorrow from work so he can meet me. He asked me what time and I said 11:30 and then all day he's been saying 12. My head is going to explode off my shoulders. See? I'm crazy.

I truly believe I need some sort of medicine that will calm my nerves, but my dr. says theirs nothing out there for me, right now. So, like later there will be? I need it NOW not LATER. I told her that I could flip at any time and pinch someones head off. She just laughs...

Usually, I am a polite person. I let alot roll off my back, although some may not believe it, I just play a tough girl online. But, at walmart the other night at 2am...I told I guy I would rip his balls off and give them back to him as earrings...see? (BTW, I don't even know what he did or said)

I have screamed at Mr. and my mom all weekend for everything. If I'm not screaming, I'm crying. I don't deal well with stress...AT. ALL.

So, hopefully it will all be over with soon enough, and life will be back to normal. Or at least that's what I hear Mr. whispering softly in his prayers at night.

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 6:59 PM

Blogger Laura had this to say:

....backing away from the computer....slowly....

2:07 PM 

Anonymous geckoluvr2000 had this to say:

I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but I have a lot of stress right now also, and I go into bitch mode also. I am the same way, don't know what makes me do it...sometimes it's the wind blowing lol. If it's not bitching, then it's crying! I sympathize with you hun! Hugssssssss

9:45 PM 

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