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Thursday, March 02, 2006
She Who Doesn't Laugh...

....Needs a sense of humor!

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Yayy! I know, right? Anyway, Mr. and I decided NOT to go to mass because..
1. We don't keep palm leaves in our house (like my mother-in-law does)
2. We are lazy. Period.

So, MIL called today and asked what we planned on giving up for lent. Since she THINKS we always go meat free on Fridays, which she knows we don't, but she keeps dreaming..I wanted to sound all perfect and said the first think that came to mind..

For lent...I'm giving up Rap music!

Okay Mr and I were giggling about it...because Hey! We thought it was funny!

She TOTALLY didn't.

I love my MIL..truly I do (all except she accusing me of having an affair awhile back) but sheesh...lighten the load a little and LAUGH!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 4:11 PM

Anonymous Tasha had this to say:

yeah.. I feel you on that. when i was younger, We practice Lent all the time.. but now that i am on my own.. i dont.. i try... but it is not as easy.

8:59 PM 

Blogger Laura had this to say:


Ok at least MIL is "compliant"!

My Mom keeps changing the Catholic rules! She says that we CAN now eat meat on Friday's during lent now....because "THEY" changed it.

my response is always "WHO" changed it? But all she says is "THEY" did.....I swear she makes this stuff up as she goes along!

I got ashes and dont eat meat of Fridays....but I havent given anything up....I guess im non-compliant too!!! lol

4:55 PM 

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