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Monday, March 27, 2006
Bless Their Hearts...

When people "Google" something, they are normally looking up something they need to know or truly care about. With that being said, I have a stats counter on my blog and it does a keyword analysis and it seems alot of people are finding my blog through Google by searching for "Nanny McFee"

Can you imagine what people think of this blog when they come here looking for Nanny McFee stuff, and the only thing written about it is how it's supposed to be like Mary Poppins and Mr. thinks she's hot?

This is such a proud, proud moment.

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 8:55 AM

Blogger Laura had this to say:

LOL! I can just imagine what they thing when they get to MY blog!!! ROFL!!!!!

9:46 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:


6:06 PM 

Blogger debby had this to say:

Don't feel bad.. Laura is talking about leaving me for Nanny Jo... hey, it happens!

6:26 PM 

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