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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Screaming + Valentines = Feeling Guilty

One of my gifts that Sugarpuss gave me was a scent stories player by Febreeze. We plugged it in and it started blowing the scent out...he kept picking it up and looking at it...I tried to ignore him.

Sugarpuss: It's not working.

Me: Yes it is..smell it?

Sugarpuss: It's not making any noise.

Me: Yes it is..hear the fan blowing?

Sugarpuss: When does the music start?

Me: (Ignoring the stupid question)

Sugarpuss: I think we need to return it.

Me: (still ignoring him, but loving the smell)

Sugarpuss: What songs are on the disc and when does it start playing music?

Me: Oh good God! It doesn't play music...it plays scents.

Sugarpuss: As in the same damn thing that's in all those bottles we have in the cabinet?

Me: You got it!

Sugarpuss: So, where is the music?

OK, I married a nuclear engineer, but somehow he still hasn't grasped this thing. Poor boy, is still waiting on the music to start! Wonder when he's gonna figure it out??

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 7:53 PM

Blogger MommaK had this to say:

I've wondered about those things! My husband would have had the same difficulty.

Happy Valentine's Day to you & your sweet hubby :)

8:20 PM 

Blogger Kitty had this to say:

You need to tell him it's a cd player for your nose, not your ears. He can't hear it because it plays in a secret code that you can only smell. Or something...

Guys will never understand how we women love to stockpile smell-good stuff. I have so many candles I need to go to a support group.

9:52 PM 

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