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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Randomly Random Monday...

Hi people! I haven't posted much lately..and in a few minutes...you'll know why.

First Random Thought-

My brother(s) in law and sister(s) in law and I don't really get along. Okay, actually it's one brother and his wife, that HATES me but the other 2 just acknowledges me because I'm married. (Long Story for another time) But, nothing makes me any madder, than sending a birthday card and gifts, christmas gifts, anniversary gifts and get NO, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH acknowlegment that we even sent the DAMN things! I think it's rude and insensitive..and one day when I get a backbone...no more presents from me!

Second Random Thought-

I am so freakin' tired. Good Lord am I tired. For the past week I can do nothing but sleep. My sleep schedule lately is..
2am until 8am-sleeping
8am-10am- awake
10am-2pm- fighting the tiredness
2pm-4pm- sleeping
4pm-6pm- awake
6pm-2am- fighting the tiredness

I am too tired to clean, cook, shop, talk on the phone, even watch my favorite shows. I don't know if it's something hormonally going on (whispers) cause my boobs hurt too...or if its the high dosage of Amoxil I am on (1800mg a day) but this is killing me!

Third Random Thought-

I wish my mom would stop sending stuff to me about adopting children overseas. With all the drs, and fertility treatments I have gone through...we don't have the $15,000 for adoption. Have yall heard of the phrase..Tapped out? Thats our checking account at this point. And our savings account? I refuse to touch, we may need it when we are old!

Fourth Random Thought-

Is it weird to find my hubby totally HOTTT when he is exercising at night?

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 4:45 PM

Anonymous Tasha had this to say:

1st thought.. I feel ya! My family is VERY 2-faced,, if you dont send somethiing to them, you get nothiing.

2nd thought... Still feeling ya.. with my puppy!! Getting up and crying for us... eating. pooing.....ya know

3rd thought.. I would be upset. Adopting is VERY expensive.. and it;s not an optin for me.... *background* UGH.,

4th thought... No it's not wierd... :-)

7:48 PM 

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