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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
I Don't Scare Easily...Until Now

I haven't told anyone about this for the following reasons:

1- It's a little embarrassing
2- Thought it would go away

After surviving an abusive first marriage, several miscarriages, many broken bones and multiple stiches and staples..I'm not one to worry or be scared easily. Until now, I haven't been scared but I am now.

Two weeks ago, I came home Friday night from drinking a little, ok maybe more than a little, and my ear was itching. I was thinking it could be sinus problems, since I have been having them off and on since Thanksgiving, but I took a qtip to try and clean out my ear. Bad, Bad idea! I don't know how far down I went but I woke up Saturday morning with the worst pain! So, I whined around most of the day taking tylenol over and over and over. Pain was still there and then Sat. night I lost my hearing! Lost it! So, sugarpuss decided I needed to go to the ER, which normally I am totally against, but the loss of hearing and the pain convinced me to go. After waiting several hours, I was told I had cut my eardrum and it was bruised too. When I asked the ER doctor if my hearing will come back, she told me "it should" but you might want to see your dr. on Monday. So, I saw my dr. on monday and she said my eardrum looks awful, and gave me some eardrops for infection. She also said if my hearing doesn't come back to call her. So, last Thursday I was still deaf, so I went to see her. This time she said the cut was healing nicely BUT she said where the average persons eardrum is smooth like saran wrap mine is like crumpled up paper. NOT GOOD! So, she told me to keep up with the eardrops and said hopefully it will fix itself. When asked about my hearing I was told "im not sure if it will come back..but it should" So, I am on my way to see her again today. Its been 2 weeks and I am totally deaf in my right hear. She said more than likely she will refer me to a ENT doctor. So, I am scared to death that my hearing won't come back! The pain is gone but the constant embarrassment so constantly saying "Huh?" is getting to me! Wish me luck!

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