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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Randomness...(if only it's a word)

Well, the reality shows have started...

American Idol rocks! I tried to secretly watch it but I just can't help myself..I love it! Mr. TSB is starting to enjoy it (even though he would never admit it). When the people say.."Oh yes, I CAN be the next American Idol, I am THE best singer in THE ENTIRE WORLD"...you better believe they can't sing and will sound like cats getting smashed by truck tires! In the past some of the people that has won, I didn't feel deserved it, but who am I to judge. One things for sure though...

There is NO WAY I would stand outside for 2 days in the rain, snow, heat, cold, or wind for me to meet Simon Cowell and him tell me I'm fat and can't sing. Nope, No Way Jose, I'm not that crazy!

Then I was secretly gonna watch Stars on Ice, or whatever it's called, but Beauty and the Geek started tonight. OMG that show is awesome! I love geeks! Hell, I married one!

I wish I had TiVo, but we have satellite and when my parents had DVR (same as TiVo) installed they had to run another line under the house and all that jazz...Isn't there something like TiVo that just plugs in?!?!?!?!?!

Reality Shows That I LOVE You Need To Check Out: (Do as I say! I am the Reality Show Princess!)

American Idol
Beauty and the Geek 2
Cowboy U
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Family Plots
Dancing with the Stars
What Not To Wear (where do they find these people??)
The Biggest Loser
Roller Girls

See?? I soooooo need TiVo...or a life...whatever!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 12:44 AM

Blogger Moon had this to say:

Excuse me? I don't see Survivor on here. Or Big Brother.
New season of Survivor is coming up. Big Brother will be here this summer.
There is a guy from Veteran, Wyo., not far from here who will be on American Idol. I only have two channels, so I couldn't watch even if I wanted to. *lol*

8:14 PM 

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