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Saturday, January 07, 2006
My Grandpa The Saint

My maternal grandpa is a Saint. Period. He is the greatest man I have ever met and if you had the chance to meet him, you would walk away feeling the same way. He's 78 years old, never missed a day of Church, never said a bad word and has worked hard all his life.

As a child I remember him working for the water department for the city and I remember visiting him and seeing these huge "pools" of water...man I loved that place! But, when I was 12 years old he started having problems. He started forgetting things, you would say something to him and he would just have this blank stare while you could practically see his brain trying to register what you said. Just seemed a connection piece was missing. My grandma took him to the doctor and the doctor said it was beginning stages of alzheimers. Well, not what my grandma wanted to hear, but she accepted it but told the dr. she wanted more test ran. Well, after a week of scans and testing the found a tumor on his brain. It had embedded so far into the brain it was the size of a grapefruit. How the he survived still fascinates the dr. So, he was told about the tumor and was ordered to the hospital for a surgery 4 hours later.

Coming out of the surgery the dr. said he would probably not survive over 5-6 years. That was 17 years ago. We were also told that he may turn violent. Which he never changed. He had to learn to read again, walk again, he was just like a child and you could see the innocence in him.

Down through the years he has helped so many people that we could never keep count. He will always there to help financially, physically, or emotionally. The reason I write about MY Saint...my grandma called to tell me this...

My grandpa owns several houses that he rents out for very cheap. He finds out how much the couple can afford and that's how much he charges...which really helps some people. But, a man that has recently moved in next door to him is disabled. Money is tight and he's struggling. The man came and paid his rent (75.00/month) and was telling grandpa about the trouble he is having. My grandpa left and went and bought him groceries, his medicine for the month and filled his car with gas. The guy wasn't expecting it and my grandpa expects nothing in return. His motto is..he is wealthy with love and support from family and friends..and why not share the wealth.

He has always believed in "Help those, that helps themselves" and he has a place in heaven and I hope I make it to heaven to spend eternity with him..because just being around him makes you feel like a better person!

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Blogger debby had this to say:

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful human being. If the world had more people like that...You are so lucky to know him..

6:34 PM 

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