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Saturday, January 14, 2006
I'm Going To Crash....Eventually!

It's Saturday morning about 2:30am and I'm at my parents house. Everyone is asleep....except me! I have been WIDE AWAKE SINCE 2am! I am so nervous/excited about this party happening today that I cant sleep. I've gotten many phone calls in the last 2 days and everyone I have talked to seems real excited about the party and I hope I don't let them down. Yesterday my dad was talking to his best friend of 40+ years (the one that is getting him to the party) and they made plans for today and dad said there shouldn't be a problem going out today because even though its his birthday he doesn't like a big deal made about it....Ummm...big deal being made today HAHAHA We are heading over to the clubhouse at 8am to get started decorating and I have assigned jobs for some people (mom and grandma) to get the cupcakes and stuff while I stay there.

We picked up the helium tank yesterday that is supposed to blow up 550 balloons but I have 600...What's the chances I can blow up 600??? I'm even nervous about that...as if someone is say..."Oh My God, she only blew up 550 balloons not 600, what I loser!" Ack..I can hear it in my head!

Hopefully, soon after the party I can get some pictures posted so those that care can take a look. Time to see what I can do about sleeping! See ya!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 3:26 AM

Blogger debby had this to say:

I am SURE that it went beautifully! You are such a kind person to do that for him! PLease post! I am dying to hear all of the details!

2:00 PM 

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