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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Happy De-Lurking Week!

It's that time of year for all the lurkers to stop and say, "Hello" or "Hi" or "Hey" or "Aloha" or "Ola" or "Bonjour"...you get the point.

Most people read blogs and never leave comments (I am very guilty of that) Sometimes you don't know what to say or know if you should say anything at all...well of course you should! So, every blog you read this week, leave a comment and show you love 'em! Now, go show me some love..leave a comment!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 9:41 AM

Blogger Kitty had this to say:

Don't worry, I'm guilty of read-and-run too. Alot of times I'll have enough time to sneak a read of someone's blog at work and then I have to go back to working.
It also doesn't help when your back faces the Pres and VP's offices and they can see every little thing you do!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy De-lurking Week!

BTW - I love your web graphic!

11:48 AM 

Blogger Kitty had this to say:

Oh, I have found though, if you comment on people's sites they'll follow your link and then start reading your blog. It's a good way to direct traffic to your site and make new blog friends. :)

11:54 AM 

Blogger K had this to say:

Just wanted to say "Hi" in honor of de-lurking week...love the blog!

~Katie Lynn

4:13 PM 

Anonymous spinny had this to say:

hola. knock those old men dead, princess!

5:44 PM 

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