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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
The Winner Of The Crappiest Gift Of The Season Is...

Lottery tickets! Yep, you heard me. Here in SC they have commercials every 10 minutes telling us how GREAT it would be to buy lottery tickets for Christmas gifts this year. But, in the next commercial they are giving us an 1-800 number to call if we THINK we are addicted to playing the lottery. "If you feel you have to play you may be addicted" says the woman in the commercial. Okay...don't you HAVE to play it to win it?? So, am I addicted? Although I've bought very few tickets since I've been here? Anyhoo, I am not going to add to peoples addictions by buying those cheerful lottery tickets. No way! Not Me!

Although, I know I would never buy lottery tickets for Christmas presents I have done some thinking on the idea. On Christmas morning lottery ticket gift-giving can go one of two ways..

One way- The receiver of the cheerful lottery tickets wins $10,000.00..HOT DAMN! What A Wonderful Christmas Gift...and they will kiss your ass all the way until next Christmas.

The other way (and most likely)- They scratch off the little boxes to realize they have won NOTHING! They look up at you with a worthless piece of paper in their hands..and the best thing you can come up with is..."Well, the lady on tv made it sound like a good idea!"

Personally, I think I will stick to giving gifts people can enjoy! and use! and be happy to receive!

But, remember...if you feel like you HAVE to play...you may be addicted!

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