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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Maybe My Good Heart Will Keep Me Out Of Hell...

Okay, so some of you may not know who I REALLY am..but I am someone with a good heart and willing to help any way I can. With that being said, let me tell you what I have been up to.

Last week or so I was helping a friend here in the Aiken area with an empty stocking fund for the children in the next town over. Well, I was out there in my santa hat and ringing that ANNOYING little bell, being the best bell ringer I could be. (Probably how I got sick) By the way, I was able to get 250.00 to add to the stocking fund in 3.5 hours. Anyhoo, this woman pulled up in a van and tears running down her face and asking where she could go to sign up her daughter for the empty stocking fund. I had to tell her that the registration had ended days before and I was sorry. I did tell her to leave her name and number and I will see what I could do.

Well, after asking about MAYBE her signing up late...and being told a firm NO...I took the matters into my own hands. I called the lady back and told her no I couldn't get her registered but not to worry, her daughter will have a Christmas.

So, that night I started on the phone calling everyone I know. WOW, the people have really stepped up for this little girl. She is 7 years old and still believes in Santa, but because her mom couldn't afford anything last year, she was told Santa was too sick to deliver presents.


So, in the past week, I have gotten one church to donate $50.00 for food at the local grocery store.

One friend of mine, has raised over $70.00 at his work, that we will go Friday and pick her out some toys.

My mother and father in law are buying her a brand new bike (she's never had one)

Some of my friends are going to pick up toys and stocking stuffers.

I local nursery is donating a Christmas tree, and my mom and dad bought all the decorations.

I went out shopping this morning with the thought of buying her a winter coat. SHE DOESN'T HAVE A WINTER COAT! and well, this is what I came home with...as much as I wanted to do more, I was tired!

progress 001

I feel she will have a wonderful Christmas, she may never have the chance to wake up on Christmas morning with toys under the tree, but this will be ONE Christmas she will never forget!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 10:54 PM

Blogger debby had this to say:

That is just awesome. The world needs more people like you.. hugs!

7:16 PM 

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