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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Grounds For Seperation?? Possibly!

For the last little bit I have been downloading songs. Not popular songs. Old School Songs. But, since Mr. TSB has 7 years on me...he wasn't "into" these songs when I was in high school.

Songs that I now have downloaded...

1- Nuthin but a G-Thang
2- Boom! Ive got your boyfriend
3- Double Dutch Bus
4- Da Butt
5- Knockin Boots

So, as he is sitting across the room shaking his head and laughing at me. I am having my own little party at the desk. Man! He is missing ALL the fun!

link | posted by Mrs. TSB at 10:53 PM

Anonymous Tasha had this to say:

OMG... those were great songs!!!!
how about Shai, Jodeci, Silk.. some great groups!! I could go on forever..lol.... Baby Got Back!

11:13 PM 

Anonymous spinny had this to say:

wow, i must be old, too. i don't recognize any of those.

1:47 AM 

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